We live in heavy times, and not only because of current events (times have always been heavy.) But because we have so much access to these events that we have to actively work hard to protect our minds from a constant barrage of negativity. To solve this problem, I've created Good Things. 

Good Things is exactly what it sounds like: a letter about good things, from me to you. It's not a new to-do list, and it's not one more thing to remember. It's a way to nurture ourselves. Let me give you something to look at that will uplift you and show you the good and the fun and the innocent in the world, so that you go out there encouraged to spread more of it. Come for the good vibes, stay for the inspo. 

What kind of content will be in Good Things? Good news, fun things, funny things, things that make you smile, things that comfort you, things that help you remember the good in the world. Also some ideas for things you can do at home that you might not have considered before. In this time where we find ourselves home more often than not, and needing to stay home to protect ourselves and others, there are lots of things we can do ourselves that don't need to be a trip to the store. 

How often will I receive it? Every Monday morning in your inbox! 

Why do I need this? I can find stuff on the internet myself. Well, you can. And more power to you! But more often than not, mindless scrolling and searching on the internet causes more anxiety and negativity than you were looking for. Plus, it can be a giant time-suck. And it's important to take caution with what we allow ourselves to read all day. If you'd like to have content that will brighten your day instead of create more of a weight upon your shoulders, then step on up. 

Aren't you just putting your head in the sand? Real world issues are important. Absolutely! I couldn't agree more, and you'll hear us discuss this type of content regularly on the podcast as well as around the site. But I strongly believe in brain candy, and allowing your mind a sense of escapism so that you can re-orient. And also, there is so much positivity in the world! But negativity brings more clicks and that's money in the pocket of news agencies. We need good journalism, but we also need to see the real stories of positivity that are out there. The world is full of good people doing good things and it's important to take in that information for our mental health. You have enough to do during the day. Let me do the digging for you, and you just sit back and enjoy. You deserve it! 

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